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Services Provided:

  • Services/Systems Procurement, including: Request For Information (RFI), Request For Proposal (RFP), Contract Negotiation, Project Initiation, Implementation

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Professional Project Management

  • Systems, Services, and/or Processes Implementation

Whether you are looking to procure and implement a small-scale application for a single department or a large, enterprise-wide data warehouse, The Valla Group, Inc. can actively engage to make your initiative successful. Our consultants have lead major software and hardware implementations across financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and many other industries.

Let us produce your Request for Information (RFI) by developing a detailed and comprehensive list of requirements needed to ensure you successfully meet your goals. Our consultant will conduct a product/company search and identify those products/companies that best align with your requirements, then distribute an in-depth RFI to the list of candidates.

The Valla Group, Inc. will accumulate the RFI information, assist you in narrowing the candidate pool, then produce and distribute a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) to each candidate. Our consultants manage the procurement process from beginning to end, leaving your staff free to continue to conduct their daily duties without the bothersome phone calls and sales pitches from potential vendors. We also arrange all of the onsite demonstrations, schedule vendor/client visits, and orchestrate any necessary site visits for client evaluations.

Once your decision-makers have reviewed our detailed summary documentation and identified the best vendor solution, our consultants negotiate the best contract on your behalf. We continually save our clients countless hours of frustrating phone calls and conversations, and of course thousands of dollars in financial savings.

Our professionally certified Project Managers can structure your project team based on roles and skill sets, develop a detailed project plan and process that best contributes to success, and lead or manage the implementation project.

At the Valla Group, Inc. we customize our engagement to meet your needs, we can be as active or passive in our role as your organization requires. Our primary goal is your success.

Here is an outline of our unique procurement process:

1. Discovery
  • Initiate Client and Consultant relationship

  • Identify project key stakeholders

  • Identify Client Project Lead

  • Confirm project boundaries:

    • Scope
    • Functionality
    • Cost Margins
    • Buy vs. Build
    • Go-Live expectations
2. Requirements Documentation
  • Document current state environment

  • Conduct one-on-one interviews

  • Document desired Future State expectations:

    • Users functionality
    • Management expectations
    • Constituent contributions
    • IT Department requirements

  • Prioritize expectations

  • Receive sign-off from project lead
3. Vendor RFP
  • Initiate RFI process

  • Identify possible vendors and product solutions

  • Conduct high-level compatibility screening

  • Create RFP

  • Receive sign-off from project lead

  • Send RFP to potential vendors

  • Correlate RFP results with expectations
4. Product Demonstration
  • Narrow product contenders

  • Facilitate vendor demonstrations

  • Identify gaps in functionality

  • Conduct reference checks

  • Facilitate site visits or conference calls with existing clients

  • Follow-up on unanswered inquiries
5. Contract Negotiations
  • Participate in initial fee schedule discussions

  • Assist with review of initial contract

  • Offer advice regarding edits and additions to contract

  • Review final contract to secure client best interest

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