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Services Provided:

  • Staff skills assessment

  • Competitive Analysis-marketing, operations, product, etc.

  • Quality of Service

  • Training and Adult education/development

  • Program Implementation and Project Management

The Hotel Service Analysis Line

All hotels and service providers are familiar with the infamous shopper.

We are so familiar with the shopper's one dimensional reports that we have become desensitized to their outcome. So much so, that many hotel managers have decided to take matters into their own hands. Veteran employees have now become the auditors of the ever - increasing services we provide our guests.

The Valla Group, Inc. has designed and developed an alternative.

The 360° Macro Analysis™ and 360° Micro Analysis™ provide you with
an objective perspective from both the front and back of the house.

You not only know what happens but why it happens and even better
how it can be improved.

360° Macro Analysis™

This high level, comprehensive approach deploys a team that includes a Guest Experience Analyst, an Operations Analyst and an Encounter Assimilator.

This team descends upon your hotel at every touch point. The Guest Experience Analyst from the guest perspective, and the Operations Analyst from the operations perspective.

Like a finely tuned machine the encounters of the Guest Experience Analyst are observed and documented from the inside out, and from the outside in. This process requires a highly orchestrated and masterly timed plan that details every aspect important to the generation of the guest experience.

The end result is a solid, detailed analysis document placed in context of your unique and dynamic environment and inclusive of recommended, realistic solutions to the issues that are important to you and your guests.

360° Micro Analysis™

This highly focused, tactical approach takes the expertise of our Analysis Team to its greatest potential. Multiple Guest Experience Analysts, Operations Analysts and Encounter Assimilators step into the trenches and truly define the capabilities and effectiveness of the targeted operation.

This team actively creates touch points and events that test the capacity of the operation to handle a diverse set of positive and negative situations.

This approach is often taken as a result of the findings of the 360° Macro Analysis, or based on your direction to improve known problem areas.
To accomplish this effectively, we engage your management in extensive strategy, operational, and end-product expectations pre-work sessions.

The end result is a detailed analysis document of the impact and responses to situations both happenstance and created. This documentation includes recommendations that incorporate your department specific goals, methodologies and procedures.

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